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Ep. 07 - Jacques Marais, Free Ranging Storyteller and Professional Photographer

I was stoked to sit down with a legend of the South African adventure and photographic communities, chatting about his pursuit of everyday awesomeness and a behind the scenes look into his story.

Early evening, glass of red wine in hand, about to head down the rabbit hole that is the wild career and life of Jacques Marais - thus far.

We may be on two different continents and in two different hemispheres, but we were not going to let that get in the way of a good old (virtual) fireside chat.

And a chat it was, my longest thus far, and we could easily have gone for much longer - to be continued for sure!

Jacques is a genuine all round nice guy, father and husband.

Photography and adventure wise, he’s (almost) done it all:

  • Authored multiple books and guide books (both the writing and imagery)

  • Dog-sledded with Inuit hunters in East Greenland

  • Traversed outer Mongolia

  • Served as an Ambassador for Nikon, Sony and Pentax

  • Runs his own media company in Jacques Marais Media

  • Etc.

To say I was a bit nervous going into this episode is a bit of an understatement.

I’ve always looked up to him during my career as a professional photographer, and admired his transition from the analog era into the digital one.

Without missing a beat.

It was an honour that he took the time to sit down with me, especially at the start of my podcast journey when I’m still finding my feet.

But then again, that’s just the type of guy he is.

Everyday awesomeness, indeed.

Watch and listen to the (video) podcast above and join us for some fun discussion in the comments below.

And remember to check out Jacques on the line, here:

  • View his website (JM Media), here.

  • Check out his extensive photo portfolio, here.

  • Read some of his many guide books, here.

  • Connect with him on Facebook, here.

  • Stalk him on Instagram, here.

  • Find him X (Twitter), here.


Any thoughts?

Comment below!

Until the next conversation ✌🏽.


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