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Ep. 05 - Tyson Millar from The Snowstack

What do geoscience, climate analysis, snow sports, photography and surfing have in common? This week's podcast guest! Join us over a coffee or glass of red wine (time zone depending) as we dive in.

This week’s conversation marks a special milestone for the AD Podcast.


It’s the first time I’m doing a remote podcast with someone across the globe and in a different time zone by 10 hours.

Oh, and we’ve never met before.

In person, that is.

You see, Tyson lives in Sydney, Australia.

And I live in a tiny village in the upper Simmental Valley in Switzerland.

How do we know each other, then?

We both enjoy going on adventures, making images, checking out the weather and snowpack, then sharing it via our respective publications.

Which is how we found out about each other.

I also can’t help but think that if we lived in the same region we’d end up being mates (until rugby season, in which case all bets are off between Ausies and South Africans).

Whereas my publication is more about the images and photography, Tyson takes it to a whole different level with his excellent analysis of climate models and weather patterns, then translating it into words for us common folk to understand.

As a result, many of us have come to rely on his weekly take on the incoming weather systems and the snowpack.

Isn’t the internet a remarkable place?

I am very stoked and humbled he took the time to sit down with me for a look into his everyday awesomeness.

It’s the longest episode yet, but there was a lot to talk about!

So, give it a watch and listen above and join us for some fun discussion in the comments below if you’d like.

Also, do check out Tyson on the internet line:

  • His excellent publication on climate, weather and snow, here.

  • Check out his photography (and prints), here.

  • Find him on the ‘Gram, here.


Any thoughts?

Comment below!

Until the next conversation ✌🏽.


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