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Ep. 04 - Emil von Maltitz from Nature's Light Photo Tours and Lime Photo

It's been a while, but we finally managed to sit down to talk about what he has been up to, nerd out on photography, upcoming photo workshops and more - you know, just some everyday awesomeness.

A globe trotting photographer based in South Africa, photo workshop presenter, beer brewer, runner, husband and father of three young children.

Everyday awesomenss?

You bet.

I mean, if that doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does?

Quick word of (friendly) warning:

Emil and I have known each other for more than 20 years, with various stages of contact between us.

Sometimes more:

We’ve worked together on photographic workshops in Namibia, spent time ca. 2003 in the (real) darkroom back in the film days at university, and hiked some serious trails in the Drakensberg (on what was supposed to be a relaxed multiday hike, wasn’t it, Emil?).

Sometimes less:

Before this podcast catch up, I had moved to Switzerland with my wife and son, and we only had sporadic contact via phone call or social media.

So we may get a bit distracted here and there.

Basically, this podcast is a mix of catching up, talking photography (and briefly beer brewing), as well as about upcoming workshops from one of his companies (along with his business partner, Nic), Nature’s Light Photography Tours and Workshops, and some general photographic philosophy.

Watch and listen to the (video) podcast above and join us for some fun discussion in the comments below.

And please, do check out Emil on the line (internet), here:

  • Emil’s Professional Comercial Photography: Lime Photo.

  • Photography Tour’s & Workshops: Nature’s Light.

  • Nature’s Light on Facebook, here.

  • Nature’s Light on Instagram, here.

  • Emil’s (very useful) Photography YouTube Channel, here.


Any thoughts?

Comment below!

Until the next conversation ✌🏽.


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