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Ep. 02 - Alex Milner from Natte Valleij Wines

On our holiday back in South Africa last November, I sat down with long time friend and wine maker extraordinaire, Alex Milner, for a deeper look into his wine making philosophy.

Alex, being the gentleman that he is, was gracious enough to be the first person on my (then only in the idea stage) podcast.

The definition of friendship.

Or perhaps foolishness.

Either way, I’m humbled by the confidence.

As mentioned in the intro episode for this podcast (watch here), my idea behind it is to chat to everyday people doing awesome stuff.

Everyday awesomeness, in other words.

Alex does just that in his pursuit of making wines that challenge the status quo (which I appreciate very much).

The result?

Something that is not for everyone, perhaps, but most certainly something extraordinary for those of us with a more adventurous palate.

We’ve discussed many of these philosophical concepts on long bike rides, as well as during late night tastings from secret projects in the cellar post dinner on the farm (after the wives and kids have gone to bed).

But I digress.

Watch and listen to the (video) podcast above for a more in depth journey into what goes into Alex’s wine making.

And if you want, check out his wine on his website, here (currently only shipping within South Africa, but with distributors in other countries, here).

Any thoughts?

Comment below!

Until the next conversation ✌🏽.


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