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Ep. 03 - Stefni Muller from Stefni Bespoke Handmade Jewellery

Had a cool time sitting down for a chat with my sister and bespoke jewellery maker, to find out more about what goes into her work.

Why sit down for a talk with my sister?

Well, besides the fact that she makes beautiful pieces of wearable art, she has an amazing life philosophy.

It was also a less frightening way of keeping the momentum going with my podcast.

Thanks, Stef!

Just like my mate Alex (previous episode), she was gracious enough to jump on board early on.

Family, am I right?

Not only that, Stefni makes jewellery that challenges the norm.

Her jewellery is not conventional.

There’s no shiny silver or gold (unless commissioned ), but rather natural materials from nature, or recycled.

As she mentions on her website about page:

“Although a qualified goldsmith, I choose to focus on the inspiration that an array of different mediums bring.  I partly enjoy challenging the value systems built on gold and diamonds by replacing them with temporary elements, found objects, alternative metals and your authentic story”.

I hope you enjoy the (video) podcast, and be sure to check out here website, follow along on her Instagram, and she recently also started writing (much better than me), here.

Any thoughts?

Comment below!

Until the next conversation ✌🏽.


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